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What Is NevCampusPro?

The education sector is one of the largest growing sectors in India today. With nearly 28 per cent of the population falling under the age bracket of 0-14 years, no wonder new schools are coming up every other day in the city. Presently,  the education system has evolved far beyond the traditional student-teacher knowledge exchange.

It is more of a human resource development platform comprising of various elements of teachers, students, parents, alumni, non-teaching staff and also many more aspects. Above all, it is not easy to maintain every record from student reports, faculty information, salary, transport facilities, library management manually with an excel sheet or paperwork. This is when an educational ERP software like NevCampusPro, comes into the picture.


Benefits of NevCampusPro

For any school to run their day-to-day activities systematically, the ERP lets the school complete various tasks without consuming too much time & effort.
Effective Data Management
Improved Academic Performance

Features of NevCampusPro

Multi-User Functionality

The school ERP software solution provides multiple-user role-based login for all the members based on their roles, avoiding overburdening. The entire staff and faculty of the school can easily manage activities & modules assigned to them through their login.


The User Interface of ERP school software being easy to use and quite interactive facilitates different users at school to manage operations efficiently without any technical help from an engineer.

SMS & Email Integration

This plugin sends SMS and Emails to parents, guardians about the day-to-day activities of their wards. SMS and Email inform parents/guardians about events, examinations, attendance, reports, and homework.

Online & On-Site Client Support

MasterSoft support is available online and on-site, 24×7, to aid any technical help required. ERP in school implementation & services offered are quite stable and user-friendly thus much troubleshooting.

Data Security & Backup

A cloud-based service saves data on the cloud instead of decentralized databases. Therefore, the data is retrieved easily. The backup of data is automatic, and the school doesn’t have to invest in hardware to store data.

Generate Reports

School management system helps the faculty generate real-time reports-Grade’s lists, consolidated mark sheet, student registration details, receipts, and challans through the software. The reports can be exported in the desired PDF, Excel, or Word formats.

Modules Of NevCampusPro

Admission Management​
Student Records Management​
Attendance Management​