Admission Management

The increasing number of students seeking admission in the Academic Institutions (School, Colleges, and Universities) may causing pressure on the administrative staff who manage the admission process manually. It becomes difficult to conduct the process accurately and in timely manner. Hence, the need for Admission Management System. This system facilitates user to make admission of students in a fully automated way. It is an internet based application which can be accessed from anywhere anytime depending on access of user rights.
This system keeps track of each students’ educational as well as financial records so it becomes easier to define in a statistical manner and reduces manpower and paperwork. It also provides data accuracy and filtration functionality to easily get required output. It reduces the need of printing admission forms and other documents that will save environment. Productivity is enhanced, No geographical limitation, avoid hectic submission process and queue process.


Maintain Each Student Admission Detail By It's Unique Identity​

System generates separate identity of new enrolled student automatically which is associated with them throughout their life-cycle.​

Easily Integrate With Other Modules

Admission system integrates the student data automatically like students' transportation, Hostel management module, Biometric cards, by linking it to appropriate module within the Education Management System.

Centralized Database

Considering Inflation and impact on resource demand, institutions have to increase their course and semester fees year by year to function properly. This system distinguish year by year course fee and semester fee fluctuation in a summarized way. While registering payment it will take respected fees according to related fiscal year automatically.

Automatic User Creation

There is a Boolean in the system to automatically create a user, so selecting while creating a record, when an admission gets confirmed that related user will automatically be created by it's login name and students rights are automatically granted, which reduces the work of creating user and assigning rights separately.

Easy Student Migration

It may be possible that a student can migrate from one course to another or from one semester to other. So this system will automatically fetch the student data according to course and semester and will easily migrate him/her by clicking on a migrate button. We can migrate a single or a bulk of students easily and associated migration information will be also changed in student education form view and statistical reports.

Migration To Alumni

Students who have their final semester will be considered as an alumni so here we can also directly migrate a student to an alumni so that all course and semester details will be cleared in his/her form view but will be printed in the receipt to keep previous record.

Student Financial And Admission Analysis Report

One can easily generate students finance related reports and admission analysis reports in PDF format by clicking on a single wizard and selecting semester and course related details to represent the data in a statistical manner.

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