Attendance Management

Educational institutions strive to impart knowledge, skill and training to their students. To ensure the overall development of students it is essential that the students are involved with academic and other activities taking place in the institution. Since the reputation of an institution is invariably linked to the performance of its students, it becomes essential for them to monitor the performance of their students. Attendance is a strenuous and yet a required activity that ensures smooth functioning of the institution. However, resources and time wasted in collecting and maintaining attendance can be used for other purposes. With the Attendance Management, process like taking attendances in class, of weekly, monthly or semester-wise attendance, of class and batch wise attendance can be automated.

After Evaluation or Grading process, Attendance is the Second most stress full and time consuming task for any teacher, especially filling the data in attendance register with thousands of manual counting and calculations at the month end. The attendance management module will maintain a database of attendance of all students which can be configured to notify when pre-defined events like absence, repeated absence or when attendance falls below a percentage.

This system can be configured according to the rules & regulations of the institution. Automation & Transparency in Attendance Management will improve efficiency. It also produces an exact replica of the manual attendance sheet which is a required feature for institutions besides being accurate and precise.
Human Resource Attendance Management It is also imperative for institutions to promote regularity amongst its staff to ensure smooth functioning of the institutional activities. The attendance module also keeps track of attendance of faculties including the time-in and time-out. Enforcing punctuality and regularity in staff is easier with the attendance module. The automated tracking of attendance also ensures that the payroll module is automated. Also, the regularity of faculty can be used to correlate with results obtained from the faculty appraisals given by the students.


Biometric Automation Of Attendances

Attendance management processes including taking attendance, monitoring & compiling attendances for students, faculty and staff is completely automated using Biometrics like Fingerprints, Retina scanning or any other pre-existing system that is currently implemented, can be integrated into the system. Manual entry of attendances is also possible where biometric systems do not exist. All the attendance related data is stored in the database itself, allowing easy reporting on the same whenever needed. Also, a time stamp of entry and exit can be recorded as an added measure to enforce punctuality.


System auto-generates notification which can be customized to be directed via mail, SMS, notification alert or a combination of them when a predefined event occurs. This could be absence, late-entry, routinely occurring late-entries or when attendance dips beyond a certain pre-defined percentage. Notifications can be directed towards the student, faculty, administrator or any other person who ought to be updated (Parent or a guardian). This ensures transparency and accountability for punctuality.

Centralized Database‚Äč

All the details of the attendance with the time stamp will be saved in the central database. This can be accessed later to generate reports or monitor punctuality of student or staff. History of presence or absence can be integrated with payroll which can automate salary deductions on account of absence.

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