HR Management Software

Every educational institution needs to assess & analyze the current operational procedures & plan for efficient work processes for each department. When everything is analyzed with in-depth insights, the decision-making process of the management gets clear & helps them meet the work goals in terms of efficiency, productivity & better ROI.
Implementing the right resource management system software or simply HR management software can contribute hugely to the success of educational institutions in the long run. Cloud-based HRMS software maximizes the functionalities and helps the HR department to take thoughtful & strategic decisions for the betterment of the institution.

HRMS Software

Online HR management software is an advanced automation ERP software designed to simplify & streamline the functions of the HR department. The HR management software for higher education institutions deals with staff recruitment, hiring, administration, and training of faculty. The HR management system manages the payroll of staff members and is responsible for deductions, pay rules, and salary slips associated with it. All-in-all the advanced ERP for the HR department assists the HR personnel to conduct their daily operations seamlessly & save enormous time, boosting their work productivity.


Automate Routine Tasks
The HR module in ERP automates the routine tasks of the HR department & saves a lot of time that could be utilized for preparing better strategies to engage & benefit the employees.
Easy KPI Monitoring
Inbuilt with an AI-powered dashboard, the HRMS software module enables the HR department to track key performance metrics of the faculty from various departments.
Greater Data Security
The cloud-based HR management software in India adheres to the greater security mechanisms & ensures the best practices in terms of keeping the institutional data secure & safe.

Key Features

Payroll Management

Higher education management system facilitates online recruitment of faculty in an easy, secure and transparent system. The user creates a vacancy on campus for candidates on the basis of eligibility. Online Recruitment Portal supervises the entire process of scrutiny, recruitment, and data administration.

Online Recruitment Provision

Faculty gets the provision to design assign question banks & create mock tests to help students practice & prepare for the final test for self-evaluating their performance & ensuring better scores.

Service Book Module Integration

A service book is a present record of a person’s certified career maintained in detail. This module of the human resource management system gives the user, provision to scan, store and retrieve original documents of the employee’s personal file.

Smart MIS Reporting

The human resource management system software auto-generates accurate & error-free HR MIS reports related to payments, staff leaves, payslips, etc, at the click of a button & simplifies the daily work of the HR department.

Easier User Interface

The user interface of the human resource management system software is extremely simple-to-use that enables the HR department to carry out tasks without any hassles.

Faculty Performance Tracking

The HR department needs to track the performance of the faculty & assistant staff to recognize their effort & hard work to provide them a fair & bias-free appraisal. The HRMS software enables them to track the year-wise performance of faculty to review their performance in detail.

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