Library Management


Library Members

Library member’s information is displayed like membership type, address, mobile number, Email ID, barcode and other information related to membership.

Quick Transitions As Well As Resource Transitions

Quick transition can be done through direct barcode scanning through member’s ID card or from library resource barcode.

Library Resources Management & Easy Search

Manages library resource like books, magazines, CD, DVD etc and displays its availability. User can easily search library resource by title, subject or can do specific search. Resource information is encrypted in barcode.

Library Copy Centre

Members can request photo copy from library resources, no of prints and sets.

Purchase Resources & Supplier Management

Automated intimation pops-up when any library resource is decreased or librarian can make a new purchase. Supplier’s information is effectively managed.

Mass Mailings & Subscription

For broadcasting library information like new updates, new subscription or any other library information to their members, is emailed at one go from mass mailing list.

News Paper, Magazine’s Supplier Management (Attendance)

Manages attendance for daily newspaper and magazine.

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